Chasing Jetstreams

Low and behold popping out of the clouds at 600 AGL and boom, there is the runway. After slamming it on and getting confused on where your gate is located, you start to wonder where your next meal is going to come from.

You start to think of what was in the terminal and what is edible out of those choices. Eating on the road, especially while doing turns is one of the hardest parts of this job. Trying to eat healthy is even harder.

The one thing you can’t have is a burrito blowout at FL360. Having to call up your A flight attendant and tell her to set up the cart is beyond embarrassing. She is going to walk in, see that blank look of clammy sweat on your face, and your chance of a shot with her on your PHX layover is going down the aft lav.

Since such incidents, my new thing is salads. Chicken Caesar or something along those lines satisfy hunger pretty well and you don’t really get the food shakes after. Also bringing protein shakes and bars have really helped out on those six hour flights from Hell.

Whats a good diet for you and how do you eat on a typical four day?



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